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About the Vine

This is a Wild and Weedy place

Here at the Vine you will find guided ceremonies, courses, and podcast episodes designed for cultivating deeper embodiment and reawakening your connection to Wildness. This is also where I share journal essays, poetry, photography, and dances inspired by the sensual landscapes of nature and the body.

many of us have lost touch with our wild nature

Many of us have been raised to feel shame about our bodies: the way they look, feel, and desire. We are constantly judging ourselves, policing each other, and believing that some bodies are acceptable and others are not. We are aching for belonging, meaning and connection -- not realizing that much of our pain comes directly from our obsession with ascension and the way it separates us from ourselves, each other, and the earth.

to rewild our bodies, we return to the earth

Reconnecting to the land through our body's senses is an ancient and reliable path for reawakening our wild nature. Through earth-centered practices, we learn to harness the power of presence, to feel connection to place, and to acknowledge our role in the interconnected, biodiverse web of the planet. We learn to see diversity -- in bodies, in human cultures, in other species, and in other lifeforms -- as essential to the health of our ecosystems and our bodies.

It is our birthright to feel safe and ecstatic in our bodies

Regardless of lineage or tradition, the earth-centered practices of our ancestors -- ecstatic ritual, herbcraft, sacred movement, & myth-telling -- are central to our journey back to embodiment and power. They are our bridge back to the Wild. And it is my deepest hope that you find inspiration and liberation from the ceremonies and stories shared here. With every embodied movement -- and every act of love for the land -- we plant the seeds of an ecstatic revolution.