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The Plant Familiars Guide

The Plant Familiars Guide


Plant Familiars

a guide for meeting & bonding with your green allies


I believe all of us have at least one plant with whom we feel a powerful bond -- a special connection that invigorates, inspires, or soothes us. Maybe it's a special tree from your childhood or a flower that always shows up just when you need a reminder of beauty. Or maybe it's an herb you consistently use when you cook or a resin you just can't help but burn in every ceremony.

Something about the plant speaks to your body and personality. It feels familiar -- as if they reflect and resonate something significant about your experience.

This guide is designed to help you identify and cultivate a deeper relationship with your plant familiar. It begins with an introduction to plant communication (how to speak and listen to plants) and continues with creative questions for understanding the personality and history of your plant familiar. It also includes some suggestions for involving your familiar in your rituals and ceremonies.

This guide is perfect for total beginners as well as seasoned practitioners, herbalists, botanists, gardeners, or anyone with an interest in living a more wild, earth-centered life. For more on why plant familiars are so important, you can also listen to the Podcast Episode 7: The Sensuality of Your Plant Familiar.

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