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Vining the Axis: The Sacred Art of Pole Dance

You could argue that pole dancing is just another aspect of our ascension culture: always climbing, reaching, going up up up.

But pole is also a descending art - it beckons us inward and down, into the sensual and primal sensations of the body. When I dance, I bring my awareness to my breath, to the tightening of muscle, to the slide of bare skin across the floor. My focus narrows on the pressure of warm, soft skin wrapped around cold, hard steel. And I feel the pull of gravity dragging me down, into the belly of the earth.

The pole represents the tension of opposites: the ascent and descent, the push and pull, the light and dark. And there's me - the dancer - playing in the space between.

Sometimes, I imagine that the pole is my holy axis, a sacred pillar. Like the Tree of Life, it unites the cosmos: its branches reaching up for the sunlight, its roots drinking deep from underground rivers.

Like every witch and mystic knows, there is a betwixt and between place - a liminal space that is no-place, where duality blurs and identity dissolves. When I pole dance, I access that state: where the separation between up and down, in and out, self and other, disintegrates.

Overwhelmed by sensation, yet deeply focused, I become fully present in the moment. I am no longer a self - I am purely elemental: the alchemy of metal, flesh, sweat and bone. I become the breath, the song. I call this "Vining the Axis": my roots descending, my leaves ascending, my body spiralling like the Vine around the great Tree. This is a sacred art - and it brings me into deeper connection with self, other, and the Source.