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The Moon Keeps Turning

photo by Anna Manta

photo by Anna Manta

Here in Greece, the November full moon has already risen - and it is breathtaking. Standing outside on my balcony, even with the traffic roaring below and the light pollution of the city, its golden glow instantly calms my heart. This is the closest, brightest and largest moon we've had in over 60 years and, as usual, I am moved to tears by its beauty and steadfastness. Just like the seasons, the moon cycles from one phase to another and back again - tireless and unending in its revolutions around the Earth.

Revolutions. Revolution. Now, more than ever, we need a Revolution. A turning. A reorientation. A shift in perspective. A change in worldview.

Our body = the Earth = our body = the Earth. This is our Home. And there is so much trauma, so much pain. Everyone is screaming at each other - wanting so desperately to be heard. To be seen. Do we have the desire to be each other's witness? Do we have the compassion to stand in solidarity when even just one of us says, "I do not feel safe?" Do we have the strength to protect each other's bodies and the land?

Every day - every moment - every breath is a turning point - a chance to turn, to shift the story. History does not need to be repeated. But that is up to us.