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Consume Me, Please: Objectified Bodies as Art

I love being watched. Writing that, I feel embarrassed. I love being watched? Who says that? But it's true. As much as I write about staying inside my experience, of witnessing myself, of being the subject instead of the object of my life, I’m also excited by the idea of being on display. I hear a voice in my head, I should not be enjoying this so much. It feels narcissistic. It feels shallow. It feels…dangerous.

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On Gender

It seems to me that as a society, we are obsessed with each other’s genitals. And I can understand why. Bodies are how we know who we are and where we belong. Bodies are how we communicate with each other, connect, share, and innovate. And bodies are how we create new generations of humans. But I think our institutions (in science, religion, and politics, especially) place a disproportionate amount of importance on that last point: reproduction.

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