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The Journal

Consume Me, Please: Objectified Bodies as Art

I love being watched. Writing that, I feel embarrassed. I love being watched? Who says that? But it's true. As much as I write about staying inside my experience, of witnessing myself, of being the subject instead of the object of my life, I’m also excited by the idea of being on display. I hear a voice in my head, I should not be enjoying this so much. It feels narcissistic. It feels shallow. It feels…dangerous.

On Gender Part 1: Dear Gender Binary, Why Are You Obsessed With My Genitals?

It seems to me that as a society, we are obsessed with each other’s genitals. And I can understand why. Bodies are how we know who we are and where we belong. Bodies are how we communicate with each other, connect, share, and innovate. And bodies are how we create new generations of humans. But I think our institutions (in science, religion, and politics, especially) place a disproportionate amount of importance on that last point: reproduction.

Greek Herbal Traditions: a small introduction

A unified, Greek healing tradition has not survived to this day in the same way as Traditional Chinese Medicine or Ayurveda. Instead, herbs have been tightly woven into the daily lives and folk remedies of the average person. Most of the Greeks that I’ve met so far don’t even think of their herbal preparations as “medicine”: they are simply doing the things their grandmothers or grandfathers taught them, cooking herbs into their meals and making tea. So in order to talk about “Greek herbal traditions,” we really need to start by looking at Greek cuisine.

The Moon Keeps Turning

Here in Greece, the November full moon has already risen - and it is breathtaking. Standing outside on my balcony, even with the traffic roaring below and the light pollution of the city, its golden glow instantly calms my heart.

Seeds of Revolution

Many of us have lost touch with our wild nature. For those of us raised in an ascension culture, we have learned to feel shame about our bodies: the way they look, feel and desire. We are constantly judging ourselves, policing each other, believing that some bodies are acceptable and others are not.

Dancing Without Mirrors (Or, How I Learned to See In the Dark)

It began when I was living in Springfield - a city in the southwest of Missouri in the USA. I was working as a cook in a health food store when one of my coworkers told me about a dance studio that she'd visited. "It's unlike any other dance studio you'll ever go to," she said. "There are candles and lanterns - the room is dark and small - there are no mirrors or fluorescent lights. And she teaches you how to pole dance."


There is a clarifying breeze in Athens today. The wind gusts down the corridor of buildings that is my street, cooling the temperature and freshening the air. I love the way the wind makes everything seem more mysterious - as if an answer to my heart's longing is ready to blow through my door.

Journey to the Emerald Isle

In September 2016, I attended a 10-day Plant Lover's Journey to Ireland with Rosemary Gladstar. During our trip, we visited one of Ireland's few remaining ancient oak forests - enjoyed the views from the Cliffs of Moher - explored the woods of Glenstal Abbey - sang to the standing stones of Grange Stone Circle - and so much more.

Ascension Culture

Many of us live in an ascension culture. We are rising, striving, climbing, trying so hard to go up up up. We are following the arrow - aiming high - trying to take a straight line up a linear path toward god, insight, success, freedom.

Stymphalia & Scarlet Vineyards

The day following our exploration of lake Doxa, our group ventured into the valley of Lake Stymphalia (Λίμνη Στυμφαλία). A storm hovered over the valley, the filtered light illuminating a patchwork of cultivated earth. This entire region is sacred to the goddess Artemis in her form of Artemis Stymphalia, protectress of the lake, fowl and forests.