Ekstasy Vine

Guided Meditations

Guided Meditations


These journeys are designed to lead you through a series of landscapes & sensory experiences

Some include props or suggested movements, while some are simply visualizations that can be done sitting or lying down. For each journey, I give detailed instructions in the description, including any tools you may need for the session. I always suggest having a notepad or journal for taking notes after each meditation.

Each meditation is available to listen for free

If you would like to download an audio version for personal use, please consider leaving a donation. I've also provided transcripts for each meditation. If you do not like the sound of my voice as the narrator, feel free to use the transcript to make a recording with your voice for your own private, personal, non-commercial use.

Most of these meditations do not include background music. I do this on purpose. I think so many wonderful guided meditations have been totally ruined by cheesy, distracting, or just-not-my-cup-of-tea background music. If you would like background music, I encourage you to choose songs that you enjoy which match the mood and intention of the piece. (In some cases, I will give suggested playlists or you can search Music Playlists for ideas.)

This library is growing. If you have any suggestions or requests for journeys you'd like me to write and record, please let me know right here.