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My name is Ekstasy Vine -- I am a freelance writer, herbalist & pole dancer

My creative work explores the relationship between humans and landscape -- how soil, stone and water shape our bodies and our cultures.

This is where I publish my personal reflections on sensuality and creativity, my most recent freestyle pole dances, as well as my poetic essays about my personal mythology. I also craft and share earth-centered guidesmusic playlists, guided meditationsand a podcast about reconnecting to wildness.

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More About Ekstasy Vine

My first experience of belonging to a place was in the woods behind my childhood home in the northeastern United States. It was there, crafting potions of mud and roots and dancing along the creek, that I felt the power of place. My tiny pagan heart whispered its secrets to the rocks and trees and I felt rooted, in my skin and in the ground.

Today, I make my home in Athens, Greece - close to the land that nurtured my father's ancestors. I am especially inspired by the mythology and plantlore of my ancestors: those ancient stories ripe with eroticism and deeply rooted in Mediterranean soil.

And as a pole dancer, I am fascinated by the connections between dance, sensuality, and the raw power of nature. I find resonance with the Maenads — those ancient followers of Dionysos who surrendered to ecstasy and celebrated their wild nature.


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