Welcome to the Sensual Landscapes
of Nature & the Body

this is a wild & weedy place

Brew yourself a cup of pungent, mountain herbs and sit beneath the twisting vines. Or come dance around the wild roses, dressed in garlands of red-ripe berries and crowned in wreaths of ivy.


The Ekstasy Vine Podcast

explore the sensual landscapes of nature & the body

How do we live a more wild and embodied life?



Valleys saturated with sunlight. Rocky peaks draped in forest.
Cultivated olive, wild lavender and untamed ivy.

The Ekstasy Vine Channel

music playlists & freestyle pole dances

Watch EV's freestyle dances & listen to music playlists for creative movement inspiration


Hello & Welcome —my name is Ekstasy Vine

These ceremonies, stories & dances are my bridge back to the Wild